A little of my Big Band 'Walk On 'Music used for the start of this series  documenting a motorcycle journey undertaken in 2019 by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, The series premiered globally on Apple TV.

Currently working on a 50s jazz fused music score for "Speed is Expensive" which brings to the screen one of the most dramatic stories in automotive history – the rise and the fall of the Vincent motorcycle. Here's a sneak preview (featuring Aaron Liddard on sax) 

More info : www.speedsisexpensive.com

Commissioned to write a minimal and unsettling orchestral score for Jasmina Cibic’s latest long form film project. 'The Gift' investigates how gifting is embedded within the landscape of Europe’s identity formation, exploring particularly charged political gifts of architecture, art, music and dance to national and ideological structures. The film’s locations include Oscar Niemeyer’s French Communist Party Headquarters in Paris and Palais of the Nations in Geneva.

Composed all music for 10 x 60 mins show ( in just over four weeks) which aired on UKTV and Internationally. Many tracks blended real Korean instruments ( kayagum, daegum and danso)with modern electronica to give the series a unique, modern Asian flavour.  Listen to some selected tracks here: 

JTKC Soundcloud

A short score with Beautiful Chinese flutes and strings by virtuous flautist Guo Yue and Chris Bemand for this evocative and nostalgic film for The Vaseline healing project : a series of films and ventures designed to promote and help people in rural China.