From angelic choirboy to electronic maestro”



I've written and produced scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoons BAFTA nominated Skunk Fu! (Cartoon Network), King Arthur’s Disasters (Nickelodeon) and The Aquabats Super Show (The Hub/ITV). I'm also known for writing choral stings for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear. In 2013, I established The Squirky Music Library, an MCPS Production Music source that specialises in left field and quirky music.

My musical career started at the age of seven, when I was awarded a choral scholarship to Hereford Cathedral. After I recovered in my teens, I progressed into programming and later was involved many innovative electronic albums along with acid jazzsters Marden Hill (the band about whom the term trip hop was first coined), Rob Dougan (Clubbed To Death/The Matrix), Mark Doyle (founder of Hed Kandi Records) and finally, Beamish & Fly the world’s first cartoon band which morphed into Gorillaz. I strive to be a musical originator, The Beijing Gang-Tan Qi (released in 2012) saw a fusion of classical Chinese instruments and sounds played by a handful of virtuoso musicians from the Peking Opera over contemporary beats. My latest project, The Swing Punks, a live band and recording project of Big Band arrangements of 70’s punk songs is hitting the theatres in 2017

I've also written a vast and varied catalogue of tracks for Extreme Music which have been used on countless commercials, trailers and Network TV shows.

"Chris is the consummate professional with a  spectacularly creative mind that is reinforced with superb skill as a musician and complete genius as a producer. His range of work covers everything from Acid Jazz, Classical Arrangements, Club Stormers, Childrens TV Soundtracks, Big Band and even Traditional Chinese Arrangments. If you need music producing Chris really should be your first stop."

Mark Doyle  
Hed Kandi/Fierce Angel

"Chris wrote the theme tune and score for two series of the BAFTA nominated 'King Arthur's Disasters' for me. His sheer musicality coupled with empathy for the storylines, animation style and characters was amazing and his music was always spot on. He often worked to very tight deadlines we imposed and never lost his sense of humour. A genuine pleasure to work with."

Julian Scott
Consulting Executive Producer

“A consummately professional composer, highly versatile, with a vast knowledge not only of both classical and contemporary (dance) music, but of what works best on screen."Gavin Poolman
Media & Technology Financier